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Age of Empires: Age of Kings
Earlier I said that there were no good links, I take it all back. In fact, I found a ton of good links and some stuff that I will add to my page soon. Meanwhile, check out the links. Downloads coming soon!
Also, I can provide these cheat codes:

Press Enter to bring up the chat window. Now enter the following codes and press Enter again to activate.

marco                           Full map
polo                            Remove Fog of War  
aegis                           Instant building   
natural wonders             Control animals   
i r winner                      Instant win
resign                          Instant loss   
wimpywimpywimpy             Commit suicide   
i love the monkey head      VDML  
how do you turn this on     Cobra car  
torpedo                         Kill selected opponent   
black death                     Kill all opponents  
to smithereens                  Get Saboteur
rock on                         1000 stone
lumberjack                      1000 wood   
robin hood                      1000 gold
cheese steak jimmy's        1000 food